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Orchard Core - Getting Started -Part : 3

Create content with code in Orchard Core - Part 3

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In this post we will see how to create content types using the code in Orchard Core. We will see how to create content types with different parts and fields. We will also see how to create content items using the code.

Create a CMS

1dotnet new occms -n MyCms

Add a module to the cms with part

1dotnet new ocmodulecms --name MyCms.Projects

Create a solution and add the projects

To create a solution

1dotnet new sln -n ContentWithCode

To add projects to the solution.

1dotnet sln add .\MyCms\MyCms.csproj
2dotnet sln add .\MyCms.Projects\MyCms.Projects.csproj

To add Module as a reference to the project

1dotnet add .\MyCms\MyCms.csproj reference .\MyCms.Projects\MyCms.Projects.csproj

Add migration

Create the migrations class Migrations.cs file in our module MyCms.Projects

1using OrchardCore.ContentManagement.Metadata;
2using OrchardCore.ContentManagement.Metadata.Settings;
3using OrchardCore.Data.Migration;
5namespace MyCms.Projects
7    public class Migrations : DataMigration
8    {
9        IContentDefinitionManager _contentDefinitionManager;
11        public Migrations(IContentDefinitionManager contentDefinitionManager)
12        {
13            _contentDefinitionManager = contentDefinitionManager;
14        }
16        public int Create()
17        {
18            _contentDefinitionManager.AlterTypeDefinition("Project", type => type
19                .Draftable()
20                .Versionable()
21                .Creatable()
22                .Securable()
23                .Listable()
24                .WithPart("Project")
25            );
27            _contentDefinitionManager.AlterPartDefinition("Project", part => part
28                .WithField("Name", field => field
29                    .OfType("TextField")
30                    .WithDisplayName("Name")
31                )
32                .WithField("StartDate", field => field
33                    .OfType("DateField")
34                    .WithDisplayName("Start date")
35                )
36                .WithField("Image", field => field
37                    .OfType("MediaField")
38                    .WithDisplayName("Main image")
39                )
40                .WithField("Cost", field => field
41                    .OfType("NumericField")
42                    .WithDisplayName("Cost")
43                )
44            );
46            return 1;
47        }
48    }

Update the start up file to add the migration.


Create a Headless Orchard CMS

Run the MyCms project.

1dotnet run

You will see a Setup screen in the Recipe dropdown choose the Headless Site


Once the setup is complete then enable the MyCms.Projects module.


Go to Features and you will see the list of all the features. Search for "MyCms.Projects" and enable it.


Once the module is enabled then we can start creating our content.

Go to Content Items page you will see a New Projects menu now.

New Projects

You will be able to create a new project now.

Create Projects

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