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Initial setup

This is first post of the series: .NET Microservice with ABP

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Part 12. Central Logging

Table of Contents

Initial Setup

This is the first step in creating your ABP microservice application. We will create the projects structure and the required projects for your microservice setup.

Most of the architecture is based on the EShopOnAbp Sample microservice application here

Startup script

To simplify the project creation I have created a PowerShell script which will create the required projects and folders for use. You can copy and run this file to just create your base projects. The main reason to create this PowerShell script is the get started quickly. Setting up a microservice solution is a time-consuming process this script will not create a working solution. This will only create required projects in the particular structure. I came up with this structure following the EShopOnAbp application. you can update this script with your structure.

You can find the startup script here

$name = $args[0]

dotnet new web -n "$name.IdentityServer" -o "apps\$name.IdentityServer"
dotnet new web -n "$name.Gateway" -o "gateway\$name.Gateway"
dotnet new classlib -n "$name.Shared.Hosting" -o "shared\$name.Shared.Hosting"
dotnet new console -n "$name.DbMigrator" -o "shared\$name.DbMigrator"
abp new "$name.AdministrationService" -t module --no-ui -o services\administration
abp new "$name.IdentityService" -t module --no-ui -o services\identity
abp new "$name.SaaSService" -t module --no-ui -o services\saas
dotnet new sln -n "$name"
dotnet sln ".\$name.sln" add (Get-ChildItem -r **/*.csproj)
abp new "$name" -t app -u angular -dbms PostgreSQL -m none --separate-identity-server --database-provider ef -csf -o temp
Move-Item -Path ".\temp\$name\angular\" -Destination .\apps\angular
Move-Item -Path ".\temp\$name\aspnet-core\src\$name.DbMigrator" -Destination .\shared\ -Force
Move-Item -Path ".\temp\$name\aspnet-core\src\$name.IdentityServer" -Destination .\apps\ -Force
Remove-Item -Recurse -Force .\temp\
dotnet sln ".\$name.sln" remove (Get-ChildItem -r **/*.Installer.csproj)
dotnet sln ".\$name.sln" remove (Get-ChildItem -r **/*.Host.Shared.csproj)
dotnet sln ".\$name.sln" remove (Get-ChildItem -r **/*.MongoDB.csproj)
dotnet sln ".\$name.sln" remove (Get-ChildItem -r **/*.MongoDB.Tests.csproj)
dotnet sln ".\$name.sln" remove (Get-ChildItem -r **/*.AdministrationService.IdentityServer.csproj)
dotnet sln ".\$name.sln" remove (Get-ChildItem -r **/*.IdentityService.IdentityServer.csproj)
dotnet sln ".\$name.sln" remove (Get-ChildItem -r **/*.SaaSService.IdentityServer.csproj)
Remove-Item -Recurse -Force (Get-ChildItem -r **/*.SaaSService.IdentityServer)
Remove-Item -Recurse -Force (Get-ChildItem -r **/*.IdentityService.IdentityServer)
Remove-Item -Recurse -Force (Get-ChildItem -r **/*.AdministrationService.IdentityServer)
Remove-Item -Recurse -Force (Get-ChildItem -r **/*.MongoDB.Tests)
Remove-Item -Recurse -Force (Get-ChildItem -r **/*.MongoDB)
Remove-Item -Recurse -Force (Get-ChildItem -r **/*.Host.Shared)
Remove-Item -Recurse -Force (Get-ChildItem -r **/*.Installer)
abp add-module Volo.AuditLogging -s "services\administration\$name.AdministrationService.sln" --skip-db-migrations
abp add-module Volo.FeatureManagement -s "services\administration\$name.AdministrationService.sln" --skip-db-migrations
abp add-module Volo.PermissionManagement -s "services\administration\$name.AdministrationService.sln" --skip-db-migrations
abp add-module Volo.SettingManagement -s "services\administration\$name.AdministrationService.sln" --skip-db-migrations

abp add-module Volo.Identity -s "services\identity\$name.IdentityService.sln" --skip-db-migrations
abp add-module Volo.IdentityServer -s "services\identity\$name.IdentityService.sln" --skip-db-migrations

abp add-module Volo.TenantManagement -s "services\saas\$name.SaaSService.sln" --skip-db-migrations

Running the startup script

To run the startup script just create a new powershell script in the location where you want to create the solution and create a file called init.ps1 and copy and past the above mentioned scripts.

To run the script

.\init.ps1 YourProjectName

This will trigger the scripts and the project creation will start. Wait until the script is done and open the solution to see the created projects.

This script will only create the project and the projects are not ready for running it.

If you want to know more about what the script is doing please check out the video above which will have an explanation of what the script is doing.

Here is the sample repo with the working version of this solution: