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Introduction to ABP No Layer Template

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ABP team released a new experimental app template with the name "app-nolayers". This is a minimal single project ABP application. They have removed all the DDD projects and provided a simple starting point. This will be helpful for the new developers who are trying out the ABP framework. Developers can learn the ABP framework without the DDD complexities.

Update the ABP CLI

Make sure you have recent version cli before creating the app. you can also use the following command to update the cli.

dotnet tool update -g Volo.Abp.Cli

Creating the No Layers app

To create the no layers app run the following command.

abp new Acme.BookStore -t app-nolayers

This will create the Bookstore app as a single project application.

Run the migrations

Navigate to the Acme.BookStore folder. Since this is the no-layers application there is no migrations project. To run the migration add the "--migrate-database" cli argument

dotnet run --migrate-database

This will add the migrations and seed the database for you. Database will add the admin user and the required permissions.

Running the app

To run the app use dotnet watch or dotnet run.

You will see a empty app running.

This app has all the modules of the normal abp application. you have IdentityServer configured as well.