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Application features with dotnet core and ABP. Part 4

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ABP Feature system is used to enable, disable or change the behavior of the application features on runtime.

Create feature constant

public static class TodoFeatures
    public const string Todo = "Todo";
    public const string MaxTodoPerUser = "MaxTodoPerUser";

Create feature definition provider

public class TodoFeatureDefinitionProvider : FeatureDefinitionProvider
    public override void Define(IFeatureDefinitionContext context)
        var myGroup = context.AddGroup("MyTodoApp");

            defaultValue: "false",
            displayName: L("Todo"),
            valueType: new ToggleStringValueType()

            defaultValue: "10",
            displayName: L("MaxTodoPerUser"),
            valueType: new FreeTextStringValueType(
                            new NumericValueValidator(0, 1000000))

    private static LocalizableString L(string name)
        return LocalizableString.Create<TodosResource>(name);

Expose api base on feature

You can use the RequiresFeature attribute to restrict access to the api endpoint.


IFeatureChecker service

you can use the FeatureChecker service to check if the feature is enabled or not and get the value of the feature.

var maxTodoPerUser = await FeatureChecker.GetAsync<int>(TodoFeatures.MaxTodoPerUser);

For more info check the official docs :